Today’s media, primarily television and video games, promote a culture of violence and aggression in American society. Children are bombarded with messages that “Violence is cool.”

Watching hours of TV and video games every day, many children receive a pro-active education in violence and aggressive thinking, but receive only passive role models and systems for non-violent social behavior.

The result is rampant street violence in urban areas and an epidemic of random and senseless unprovoked violence on America’s streets.


The Nonviolence Education Program is a long term K-12 educational project that promotes nonviolent problem solving, conflict resolution, and social skills.

In younger years, the program emphasizes personal boundaries and respect for the physical space of others. In later years (junior high and high school) the program expands to include the social and historical study of violence/nonviolence thinking and their effects on world culture.

NEP team members are currently designing a junior high and high school curriculum based on the lives of Nobel Peace Prize winners. The 12-week curriculum is designed to allow students to study the life of one Nobel laureate each week. Teachers can adapt or utilize part of the curriculum according to their classroom needs.